Scotland 6: Day 22 03.20.18 | Thurso Hostel | 20:20 As I entered the hostel kitchen this morning, there was five guys sitting around eating breakfast in silence. Since I don’t do silence very well, I was the first one to speak up, “Where are you guys from?”. I got the chat going, as I... Continue Reading →

Scotland 6: Day 23

03.21.18 | Thurso, Scotland | 08:21 Last night my roommate was a guy called Josh, who is from Texas. I asked him if he knows my sister Melanie, and he doesn’t. Come to think of it, I’m not even sure how close he lives to her. Josh has brought a big surfboard. He loves to... Continue Reading →

Scotland 6: Day 21 03.19.18 | Ferry Terminal | 13:41 Today it finally feels like springtime (at least it does in Stromness)! As I left my hotel this morning, it was perfect! Just a slight breeze, but no need to wear anything bigger than a light jacket. This is the part of Scotland that I’m... Continue Reading →

Scotland 5: Day 40 04.09.16 | Thurso > Invergordon | 13:09 Yesterday’s sunshine was very short-lived. Today, Thurso feels more like late February than the beginning of April. After a fast look at the ocean in the rain, I made my way to ‘Reid’s’, which is the place I’ve been eating my breakfast the last... Continue Reading →

Scotland 5: Day 39 04.08.16 | Thurso Hostel | 13:30 This morning I followed the Thurso river to what was supposed to be a big Salmon hatchery place. I must have misunderstood. There was nothing there but a dammed part of the river. There may have been salmon in it, but I couldn’t tell. The... Continue Reading →

Scotland 5 Day 38 04.07.16 | Thurso Hostel | 21:15 I decided this morning to explore the east side of the bay this time, hoping I’d get further along than my visit to Scrabster yesterday. I tried to reach the ocean. Soon, the farm road that I was following turned and headed off in the... Continue Reading →

Scotland 5: Day 37 04.06.16 | Thurso Hostel | 16:15 This morning was a perfect morning! I wandered into town and found a “breakfast roll” for breakfast. Like a pig-in-a-blanket, but instead of just the sausage, there was sausage, egg, bacon and beans. I wonder when and why Scotland decided that beans is a breakfast... Continue Reading →

Scotland 5: Day 36 04.05.16 | Edinburgh > Inverness | 09:40 It’s sad that most of my entries discuss the condition of the wifi. When did that become a thing? How did we survive as a species before the early ’90s when the internet wasn’t available to everyone? You know- before Al Gore invented it.... Continue Reading →

Scotland 4: Day 27

Thurso, Scotland | 22:04 Today was a bit of a bummer. It rained and rained, and other than grabbing lunch to go, I didn't get out until about 17:00 or so. I found dinner at a pub/restaurant. It was good, but not great. After dinner, I'd planned on walking back to the beach but remembered... Continue Reading →

Scotland 4: Day 26

Inverness > Thurso | 10:53 I just had to say goodbye to Inverness. I love this place, but it’s time to see some more of Scotland. I’m excited to go north. My destination is Thurso, which is almost as far north as you can go while staying on the mainland. Not sure what there is... Continue Reading →

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