Travel Week Monday: DEN > BWI > STL It's been so many years since I've been to downtown St. Louis. When I was a new flight attendant, one of our hotels was so far into the downtown area, that you could practically throw a rock and hit the famous arch, not that I would ever... Continue Reading →

...and now- the conclusion of Scotland 5... Scotland 5: Day 58 04.27.16 | Newark > Denver | 07:27 When we landed at JFK last night, I Uber’d my way into Newark, New Jersey. That ride was horribly expensive, but my body ached a little bit from not getting any sleep on the long leg. I... Continue Reading →

This will be the entry where I issue the needed apology. I went back and reread my entry from yesterday and realized that’s not where I wanted the story to go. You know how some people should never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach? Well, I think I just proved that I should probably... Continue Reading →

Today I have been enjoying my second day off of work. It’s been a good one and I’ve spent at least part of it working on future blog entries, and some bucket list organization. I also managed to watch the movie Stranger Than Fiction. Interesting film but took me a little while to get lost... Continue Reading →

Thanks to winter storm Kayla, I’ll be spending the next two days hanging out in Thornton. Nothing against Thornton- I have a great crashpad here and some great roommates, but I was so looking forward to two nights in my own bed. As you probably know, I’ve been working a lot lately for my upcoming... Continue Reading →

Today is a crashpad day. Aft working for six days in a row, the F.A.A. requires a flight attendant to take at least 24 hours off. I have, however, just finished working eight days in a row. This is possible because after getting back early on the sixth day, there was a 24-hour break, and... Continue Reading →

This morning was great! We didn’t have to report to the Newark airport until 17:30, so this meant I had time to run around in New York City for a few hours. Last week, when I realized this was a possibility, I knew I wanted to go get breakfast at Bubby’s, located in Tribeca and... Continue Reading →

It was a long day today and I’m so happy to be off of my feet! We worked from BHM to HOU to LAX to DEN. The coolest part of my day was when I got to meet Val Young of The Mary Jane Girls featuring Val Young. They are a group who were big in... Continue Reading →

I had to wake up very early this morning to take some of my crashpad roommates to the airport. I thought I’d take advantage of the fact that I was out and about and ran to Walmart to grab Reba’s new album. I would have grabbed it yesterday when it was released, but I didn’t have... Continue Reading →

I’m sitting at the crashpad, chatting with Victor, one of our newly hired flight attendants. The boy talks a lot, but he passes the test since he seems to be very kind. This is his second month at the airline, and he was just telling me about his hellish commute from Oakland to Denver last... Continue Reading →

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