10 years ago this past September, I checked off number 28 on my bucket list, which is to go to Dollywood. I haven't until now, however, posted the pictures or stories from this adventure. The good news: I just came across all of the images and videos from that trip. The bad news: I can't... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the third edition of Travel Week. This is going to be a shorter entry, as my work week was shorter than usual. Early on Sunday morning, I left my house at 05:30 to catch the 08:00 flight from Salt Lake City to Denver. This got me to Denver with plenty of time to... Continue Reading →

Tonight I'm in Nashville, Tennessee. We landed just after noon, and even though I was tired from not having slept very well last night in the crashpad, I knew that if I took a nap, it would throw off tonight's sleep as well. I forced myself into regular-person clothes and walked the three blocks to... Continue Reading →

So much has happened in the last few days- I hope I can do this story justice. First off, I'm happy to report that I am another step closer to checking bucket list item number 74 off (which is to stay at every single Southwest overnight). I will admit that this is one bucket list... Continue Reading →

Let's talk about working on reserve. Usually, when you work a reserve trip, you are getting the worst assignment available. A flight attendant is less likely to call in sick for a great trip. For instance, if a flight attendant has 18+ hours on a sandy beach, they're less likely to get rid of that... Continue Reading →

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