Scotland 5: Day 49 04.18.16 | Edinburgh Flat | 21:02 The walk to the Stornoway airport was very windy! I'm surprised that with my huge backpack, I wasn't pushed over several times. Sometimes I would have to stop walking for a moment and simply plant my feet. I certainly didn’t want to be pushed into traffic,... Continue Reading →

Scotland 5: Day 48

04.17.16 | Stornoway, Scotland | 08:19 I'm feeling great again- all systems are "go." I joked yesterday about the day is "a day of reflection." All joking aside, that is what today is going to be about. This doesn't mean I'm going to stay all day indoors, however. We'll see what happens- I just need... Continue Reading →

Scotland 5: Day 47 04.16.16 | Stornoway Hotel | 19:34 Today I felt somewhat sick. I guess I had an off-day. This is what I think was the rest of that motion sickness from the ferry ride yesterday. I got a really late start and even when I felt up to leaving the room, it... Continue Reading →

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