Scotland 4: Day 22 4.18.11 | Stromness > Thurso | 19:25 Today has had many high points, and also a few not-so-high points. I knew that this would be my last day on Orkney so my goal was to get out and see some more of it. I was bound and determined to do this.... Continue Reading →

Scotland 4: Day 20 4.16.11 | Kirkwall Hostel | 16:00 I woke up this morning with a blister on my left heal. This is what happens when I lug my heavy backpack all around unknown parts at night. So far, I’ve met one of my roommates. I didn’t get his name, but he has a... Continue Reading →

Scotland 4: Day 19 4.15.11 | Lerwick Hostel | 09:00 I had a pretty good sleep, and although my cough still exists, it was a little less last night, I could tell. Sadly, I woke up with a slightly sore throat, but it feels better now. I better not be getting sick! This morning has... Continue Reading →

Scotland 4: Day 18 4.14.11 | Lerwick Hosel | 08:05 Last night I got to hang out with Neil, Andy, Matt (from Australia) and Hannah (from New Zealand). They are all incredible and we had a great time. I hope we can keep in touch when we part ways. Falling asleep was a bit difficult... Continue Reading →

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