Scotland 6: Day 28

03.26.18 | The Crofter, Fort William, Scotland | 11:17 The bus ride from Portree to Fort William was so beautiful, but if I could have dozed off, I would have. I didn’t fall asleep until after about 23:00 last night and didn’t sleep the best. A deep, recurring dream kept me from falling too deep... Continue Reading →

Scotland 6: Day 27

03.25.18 | Portree Hotel | 20:04 When I was eating breakfast this morning, I decided to get a longer walk in. If you recall, my walk the other day to Loch Ness was cut short when my foot started hurting. I refuse to believe that my foot was the problem. Instead, I think it’s the... Continue Reading →

Scotland 6: Day 26

03.24.18 | Portree Hotel, Portree, Scotland | 21:35 This morning I had to be up rather early, in order to check out of the hostel and catch the bus to my next destination. I walked into the bus station and purchased a steak pie and a Dr. Pepper. This would have to be a well-balanced... Continue Reading →

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