Ireland 2007: Day 4

03.31.2007 | Sixmilebridge, Ireland Today, I was leaving Sixmilebridge, headed to Limerick to catch a train down to Cork. This is Colm- he was on the bus with me into Limerick where he works as a hair stylist. Limerick, Ireland The Train Station in Limerick Limerick > Cork Cork, Ireland Walking from the Cork train... Continue Reading →

Ireland 2007: Day 3

03.30.2007 | Sixmilebridge, Ireland Today I want for another long walk down a country road. It was good for my soul! Posing with a Ribena bottle so I could send the picture to my friend Colee- it's our favorite!

Ireland 2007: Day 2

03.29.2007 | Sixmilebridge, Ireland All I remember from this day was taking a bus into Limerick with one of my hostel mates. A nice girl whose name I don't remember. Nor can I remember where she was from. Limerick, Scotland

Ireland 2007: Day 1

10.26.20: It is always a struggle to get my life organized. In an attempt to this very thing, I am posting these old pictures from my third visit to Scotland and my first visit to Ireland (I will be using ‘#Scotland 3’ and ‘#Ireland 2007’ as the tags). I don’t remember very many of the... Continue Reading →

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