Scotland 8: Day 22

3.23.20 | Glasgow, Scotland | 20:53 Today was a bittersweet feeling. Sweet because it’s always nice to be in this country that I love so much. Bitter that today is my last full day in Scotland. Also, I’m having to cut my trip short. As I mentioned in an earlier post, this was only the... Continue Reading →

Scotland 8: Day 21

3.22.20 | Glasgow, Scotland | 19:45 I didn’t get a wink of sleep last night. I don’t know what it is- just couldn’t clear my head, with all of this virus nonsense going on. It’s not that I’m even worried. It’s essential to be safe and take care of yourself, but I feel that people... Continue Reading →

Scotland 8: Day 20

03.21.20 | Tobermory, Scotland | 19:53 I love the isle of Mull- and the town of Tobermory is such a great little spot. It feels like you’re on the edge of the world. You’re secluded from everything, but you’re with the community at the same time. This is one of the places that I would... Continue Reading →

Scotland 8: Day 19

03.20.20 | Tobermory, Scotland | 21:21 Check-out time in Oban was 10:30, but they were kind enough to let me stash my bags after I’d checked out. I found some breakfast (no, I didn’t go back for another waffle, although I was tempted!) and found a place to get my haircut. I’m impressed with this... Continue Reading →

Scotland 8: Day 18

03.19.20 | Oban, Scotland | 20:02 Today has been a good day! I woke up pretty early, found some breakfast, went to the grocery store, and then had a second breakfast. I know I sound like a hobbit, so we’ll call it an early lunch. I had a good little walk/hike since I went up... Continue Reading →

Scotland 8: Day 17

03.18.20 | Oban, Scotland | 22:19 This morning was amazing mixture of at least three seasons. I woke up to rain, then the sun came out for a few moments, and then we actually had some hail! Ahh Hail! When I told my host, Steve, that my next destination would be Oban, he offered to... Continue Reading →

Scotland 7: Day 16

03.17.20 | Dalmally, Scotland | 19:26 When I checked the weather report last night, it’s threatened to rain all day. When I woke up, however, it was only partly cloudy. I decided to take advantage of the fact and go for a long walk. I think I did about 4 miles in all. There’s an... Continue Reading →

Scotland 8: Day 15

03.16.20 | Dalmally, Scotland | 22:03 I’ve been watching the Coronavirus numbers rise from At least I’m going north. Maybe the virus will ignore the north for a few more days. I’ve already adjusted my trip a couple of times, and when though I was supposed to have a go in Europe, I’m now... Continue Reading →

Scotland 8: Day 14

03.15.20 | Glasgow, Scotland | When I woke this morning, I had a message from my friend James. He informed me that they had added the U.K. to the banned travel countries, and he asked me how I planned on getting back home. Upon further research, I discovered that they will still allow US citizens... Continue Reading →

Scotland 8: Day 13

03.14.20 | Glasgow, Scotland | 19:00 It cost me £14 to get an Uber one-way to Apple Braehead. Apple Buchanan Street is only a few blocks from me, but they are the more popular destination and had no appointments today. So I get to the store, and five employees are standing on the doorway. “Didn’t... Continue Reading →

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