Scotland 6: Day 42

04.09.18 | Edinburgh Flat | 13:29 So far, today has been excellent! I found the coolest little cafe for a snack. I wish I’d discovered this place years ago, I’ve probably walked past it at least a hundred times. I got a fruit tart thingy and some hot chocolate. It still amazing me that people... Continue Reading →

Scotland 6: Day 41

04.08.18 | Edinburgh, Scotland | 22:28 I don’t have a whole lot to report today. Was a slow Sunday- I walked a lot, but didn’t really go anywhere in particular. I’ve been listening to General Conference, and have been thoroughly enjoying it. Dinner was at this little Italian restaurant that is actually right underneath my... Continue Reading →

Scotland 6: Day 40

04.07.18 | Edinburgh Flat | 11:05 As per usual, today was a very rainy day. My hopes of headed back up Arthur’s Seat were soon washed away. I decided to declare today a laundry day. I spent most of the morning and afternoon reading or watching movies because the laundromat that I used to use,... Continue Reading →

Scotland 6: Day 39

04.06.18 | Edinburgh, Scotland | 12:20 This morning, I was finally able to hike up to Arthur’s Seat again. I wanted to do it at the beginning of the trip, but we were in that big snowstorm, if. you recall. Even today, there was a lot of mud because of the snow storm we had... Continue Reading →

Scotland 6: Day 38

04.05.18 | Edinburgh, Scotland | 09:10 I was a little worried that I wouldn’t get much sleep last night. I’m right on High Street, and Scottish people like to drink and be out all night. They were very loud when I was trying to fall asleep, but I put in earplugs and all is well!... Continue Reading →

Scotland 6: Day 37

04.04.18 | Glasgow > Edinburgh | 10:52 After I get off of this plane in Edinburgh, it goes on and eventually goes all the way to Penzance, as in, The Pirates of Penzance! Does anyone remember any part of the “legacy” that I left behind at Eastern Arizona College? I wanna sing and dance, I... Continue Reading →

Scotland 6: Day 36

04.03.18 | Glasgow, Scotland | 21:00 Today was the return of the winter season. I kid you not! When I first went outside to find breakfast, it was a snowy/ wintry mix. Not sticking, of course, but definitely snowing! It was beautiful to look at. I walked around for a while and even visited The... Continue Reading →

Scotland 6: Day 35

04.02.18 | Glasgow, Scotland | 23:39 Quick report, as I’m extremely tired tonight: What started out as a horribly windy morning and partly cloudy morning, soon turned into a very rainy day. I don’t think the sun came out one time. This is, of course, what happens in Scotland. After a walk along the river,... Continue Reading →

Scotland 6: Day 34

04.01.18 | Glasgow, Scotland | 11:35 When I initially tried to book a private room at this hostel, they didn't have any available for my first night back here in Glasgow. This is how I ended up last night in a room that I had to share with three others. All three of my roommates... Continue Reading →

Scotland 6: Day 33

03.31.18 | Glasgow, Scotland | 23:27 Today has been a slow day. In fact, I don’t have a whole lot to report. It was hard for me to even stay awake on the train since I hadn’t got much sleep the night before. The room in Oban was full, and two of us four were... Continue Reading →

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