Scotland 4: Day 34

Edinburgh > Glasgow | 09:18 I had a horrible time falling asleep last night. My stomach started bothering me- I felt as if I'd gotten a touch of food poisoning. I waited in bed for a bit, but then it finally went away. When I did fall asleep, however, I slept fine throughout the night.... Continue Reading →

Scotland 4: Day 33

Edinburgh, Scotland | 10:14 I had a great sleep last night but was woken a bit too early. At about 07:00 or 07:15, construction started working in the room next to ours, and there was loud banging. I’d only wished that they would have held off for a bit, but no big deal. I got... Continue Reading →

Scotland 4: Day 32

Edinburgh, Scotland | 23:22 Today was great! I woke up and had two big bowls of cereal and then went out for a walk. I decided I’d walk toward the west, away from all the “touristy” areas. It was refreshing to see “normal” people going about their day. I must have been near a university... Continue Reading →

Scotland 4: Day 31

4.27.11 | Edinburgh Hostel | 15:56 My breakfast this morning was provided by the hostel, so I didn't have to eat out. It was some brand of multi-grain cereal. My keen observation: Over here, Cheerios is part of that Nestle company, not the General Mills company like in the states- and now you're as smart... Continue Reading →

Scotland 4: Day 30

My Room in Edinburgh Edinburgh, Scotland | 14:20 Good afternoon! I left Pitlochry this morning and now I’m back to Edinburgh. Sadly, this is my 2nd to last stop before having to fly home. This time I’m at a new hostel… well, I stayed here 3 or 4 years ago, or whenever Scotland 3 happened.... Continue Reading →

Scotland 4: Day 29

Pitlochry, Scotland | 16:51 Today has been great! I woke up after trying my best to sleep in for a bit. I got a shower and headed out to try and find a barber or salon. I found a really cool looking place to get a haircut, called Sweeny Tod. A beautiful name for a... Continue Reading →

Scotland 4: Day 28

Saying Goodbye to Thurso (At the Train Station) Thurso > Pitlochry | 12:29 I’m hungry. I hope that they have the trolley service on this train because even though I woke up early and ate some cereal at the hostel, it didn’t take. I’ve never been to Pitlochry, I’m excited to see another new place.... Continue Reading →

Scotland 4: Day 27

Thurso, Scotland | 22:04 Today was a bit of a bummer. It rained and rained, and other than grabbing lunch to go, I didn't get out until about 17:00 or so. I found dinner at a pub/restaurant. It was good, but not great. After dinner, I'd planned on walking back to the beach but remembered... Continue Reading →

Scotland 4: Day 26

Inverness > Thurso | 10:53 I just had to say goodbye to Inverness. I love this place, but it’s time to see some more of Scotland. I’m excited to go north. My destination is Thurso, which is almost as far north as you can go while staying on the mainland. Not sure what there is... Continue Reading →

Scotland 4: Day 25

04.21.11 | Inverness, Scotland | 19:49 I woke up this morning and felt the need to go for a walk-a loooong walk. I I woke up this morning and felt the need to go for a long walk. I walked through town, bought some bread, bottled water, M&Ms, a subway sandwich, and hit the road-... Continue Reading →

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