Scotland 5: Day 16 03.16.16 | Stirling > Pitlochry Train | 10:43 I really enjoyed two out of three of my hostel mates last night. One was the guy I already talked about, the Ukrainian who lives in Greece, the second one is a guy who joined us just yesterday. He’s from Germany but is... Continue Reading →

Australia 2014: Part 16

<BNE - LAX | 00:51> My last few days in Brisbane were wonderful! Arron and Brendan took me to a Turkish restaurant, we played a game of barefoot lawn bowling- which was a blast even though I now know of yet another sport I suck at. We went on a short bush walk, visited a... Continue Reading →

Australia 2014: Part 5

<Sydney, New South Wales|16:09> Sydney has been a blast! Yes, I do miss Arron and Brendan. I wish they were here. How dare they continue to live their lives without me! Arron dropped me off at the airport early enough that they were able to put me on an earlier flight. I didn’t know they’d... Continue Reading →

Australia 2014: Part 4

<Ferny Grove, Queensland> I failed to mention dinner last night. This was the perfect end to a perfect day! I can now officially say I’ve had an Australian meat pie! When I ate at Pie Face the other day, that was technically official, but that’s something that I could find at my local grocery store,... Continue Reading →

Australia 2014: Part 3

<Ferny Grove, Australia | 06:04> I started my day with Vegemite on toast. I’m not quite sure why Aussies love this stuff so much. It wasn’t bad- but definitely an acquired taste. I’ve learned that I’ll willingly try most things once. It mostly tasted like salt. Perhaps I need to give it another go. Arron... Continue Reading →

Australia 2014: Part 2

This morning I woke up at precisely 04:08 and laid in bed for about half an hour, waiting to see if I was actually going to sleep some more. Thankfully, I fell asleep and didn't wake up again until just before 07:00. Does this mean my body is adjusting to the new time zone? Not... Continue Reading →

Australia 2014: Part 1

<Ferny Grove, Australia | 04:57> It took me about an hour to get through the international customs line. I was approached twice by a drug-sniffing dog and had to fight the urge to pet the thing. I had to nothing to declare, but several people asked in that hour. Truth: I wasn’t bringing any firearms,... Continue Reading →

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