Tonight I am, once again, Puerto Rico. Dinner was Chuleton de Cerdo, servido con salsa de guayaba-coco y ron… which translates into "Grilled large pork chop loin with guava-coconut-rum sauce and sweet plantain risotto". Delicious! I had planned on swimming in the ocean, behind the hotel, but I’m afraid that after getting very little sleep... Continue Reading →

Today was two easy legs and now I’m on a beach in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Well, technically I’m not on a beach right now. I’m in my hotel room on the 8th floor, but this hotel sits on the beach. What beautiful water! When I stepped out of the air-conditioned comfort of the Luis... Continue Reading →

This afternoon I ended up in San Juan, Puerto Rico! This is the first time I’ve ever been here, and this helps me check off another overnight location from my list (see bucket list item #74). It just so happens that our crew hotel is a pretty nice resort that sits right on the white,... Continue Reading →

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