Earlier today, I ended my workday in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I just returned from a visit to Shane Confectionery, having scored some black licorice and a bag of chocolate-drizzled potato chips. As you can see, my diet is right on track. I'm even washing down the salty potato chips with Pepsi. Shane Confectionery has been around... Continue Reading →

A Band Plays in Market Square, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania After getting only about two hours of sleep last night (thanks to a loud housemate), I somehow found the strength to work two flights. Tonight I'm in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. When I first checked into the hotel, I wanted nothing more than to take a nap. I tried... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the fourth edition of Travel Week! Sunday: DEN > PHX > ATL > PHL When we finally landed in Philadelphia, we were about twenty minutes late. I'm surprised that we weren't even later than that. All I'm going to say about this first day is that I'm thankful for those passengers who actually... Continue Reading →

Tonight I'm in Philadelphia. It's so great when I end up with a fun and amazing flight crew, and that's exactly what happened! Very happy to be working this three-day trip with Anthony and Jeanette! I've worked with both of them in the past, but it's been awhile. After we checked into the hotel, we... Continue Reading →

I recently got a new phone (Christmas gift to myself) and I wanted to go out and test the camera. As I suspected, the pictures look better on the phone than they do on my computer screen. Still, I think the quality is good enough that I don’t feel like I have to travel with... Continue Reading →

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