Hotel Room View: Rainy Columbus It's rainy today in Columbus, Ohio. I just got back to my hotel room after walking down to the North Market to find some dinner (picture the Redding Terminal Market in Philadelphia, only smaller). When I was here on my last work trip, I got some ribs, and they were... Continue Reading →

The workers at Waffle House #1584 in Columbus, Ohio are awesome! One of the gals even called me “sugar”. I had my usual- the fiesta omelet. It was delicious! Happy that this is the 14th different Waffle House location I’ve eaten at. 14 down, 86 to go!

I love it when I'm giving trips with awesome, funny or quirky flight attendants. This makes all the difference in the world! Make the day fly by (pun intended)! This is Kevin and he's very "bendy". I think I may have managed to squeeze in about 5 hours of sleep last night. Honestly, that’s a... Continue Reading →

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