Scotland 8: Day 21

3.22.20 | Glasgow, Scotland | 19:45 I didn’t get a wink of sleep last night. I don’t know what it is- just couldn’t clear my head, with all of this virus nonsense going on. It’s not that I’m even worried. It’s essential to be safe and take care of yourself, but I feel that people... Continue Reading →

Scotland 8: Day 19

03.20.20 | Tobermory, Scotland | 21:21 Check-out time in Oban was 10:30, but they were kind enough to let me stash my bags after I’d checked out. I found some breakfast (no, I didn’t go back for another waffle, although I was tempted!) and found a place to get my haircut. I’m impressed with this... Continue Reading →

Scotland 8: Day 18

03.19.20 | Oban, Scotland | 20:02 Today has been a good day! I woke up pretty early, found some breakfast, went to the grocery store, and then had a second breakfast. I know I sound like a hobbit, so we’ll call it an early lunch. I had a good little walk/hike since I went up... Continue Reading →

Scotland 8: Day 17

03.18.20 | Oban, Scotland | 22:19 This morning was amazing mixture of at least three seasons. I woke up to rain, then the sun came out for a few moments, and then we actually had some hail! Ahh Hail! When I told my host, Steve, that my next destination would be Oban, he offered to... Continue Reading →

Scotland 7: Day 19

03.20.19 | Glasgow, Scotland |21:25 After this morning's breakfast, I should probably eat only celery sticks for the rest of my journey. I promise I don't always eat like a pig- but this is a vacation, after all. I had to stop at Oban Chocolate Company one last time for breakfast. Plus- ice cream for... Continue Reading →

Scotland 7: Day 18

03.19.19 | Oban, Scotland | 21:03 When the plane first landed in Edinburgh at the start of this adventure, I thought that I had matured and that I’d given up childish things- you see, it had become a Scotland tradition for me to dye my hair. It was never a conservative shade either. I definitely... Continue Reading →

Scotland 7: Day 17

03.18.19 | Oban, Scotland | 13:30 When my alarm went off at 07:00, I stood up, got ready, and left the pod. I wanted to get the first ferry back to Mull. Iona is a pretty island! I wish I had more time to explore it, not that there’s a whole lot to see and... Continue Reading →

Scotland 7: Day 13

Leaving Oban 03.14.19 | Tobermory, Scotland | 23:07 Getting to Tobermory is fairly simple- you board a ferry in Oban, sail west/ northwest, and about 45 minutes later you're at Craignure, on the Isle of Mull. Side note- Craignure is near Torosay Castle and Torosay is one of the places my ancestors came from! Talk... Continue Reading →

Scotland 7: Day 12

03.13.18 | Oban Hostel | 21:01 I was hoping that the rainclouds were on their way out. This morning I woke up to a partly cloudy sky and thought it would be turn out to be perfect conditions to record some videos of the surrounding area. After a few minutes, however, the clouds came back... Continue Reading →

Scotland 7: Day 11

03.12.19 | Oban Hostel | 20:54 Traditional Scottish Breakfast (minus the black pudding) in Glasgow Earlier today, I had to say goodbye to Glasgow. It wasn’t too sad, however, because I’ll be back next week, at least for a few days. I’m looking forward to getting more into Glasgow, as I won’t be attending C2C... Continue Reading →

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