Yesterday morning I woke up in Newark, New Jersey. Since Kerri, my crewmate (and fellow Utah commuter) hadn’t ever been to New York City, I felt that we needed to spend the morning in Manhattan- she agreed. We met down in the hotel lobby at 6:15 and got a Lyft all the way in the... Continue Reading →

NYC 2017: Day 10 9.22.17 | Manhattan | 23:48 I'm extremely sad to report that this was my last full day in the city. These last ten days have been so incredibly wonderful! I'm so glad I chose to come here. This is perfect timing because now I need to go home and pay off my... Continue Reading →

NYC 2017: Day 9 9.21.17 | Manhattan | 23:56 My downtown hotel is a sad joke. It is located right in, or maybe just outside of Chinatown. No big deal, that's access to some great food, after all. I walk in the front door and there is a very long staircase leading up to the... Continue Reading →

NYC 2017: Day 8 9.20.17 | Bronx | 23:47 New York City really isn’t New York City unless you stop to buy a hotdog from a guy on the street. For me, it’s always the same: a sausage (they’re larger and spicier than a regular dog) with sour kraut and mustard. There is simply no... Continue Reading →

NYC 2017: Day 7 9.19.17 | Bronx | 22:41 I don't have much to report on today. This was more or less a day of rest. It took about 4 hours to get from Staten Island to my next stop, which is the Bronx (Walk to the train, train to the ferry, wait for the... Continue Reading →

NYC 2017: Day 6 9.18.17 | Staten Island | 09:27 I just finished breakfast at Mike's Place, a restaurant that has been here for at least 20 years. The food is diner food, but it's really good! Sort of like Denny's but better. My Airbnb host, Ritaanne suggested that I try it since it's only a... Continue Reading →

NYC 2017: Day 5

09.17.17 | New York, New York | 08:48 Brooklyn: My major complaint against this Airbnb is that the hosts didn’t provide me with any bath towels. This means that yesterday I had to dry off with my clothes (this was annoying because all I had were dirty, stinky clothes), and this morning I had to... Continue Reading →

NYC 2017: Day 4 9.16.17 | Brooklyn Waterfront | 12:42 It is 100% necessary that I have pizza while I'm here. This is not negotiable. I'm not a huge fan of pizza, but since I'm in New York I must do as the New Yorker's do. I just tried to grab a piece from the... Continue Reading →

NYC 2017: Day 3

09.15.17 | New York, New York | 15:50 Brooklyn: So much to write about- I hope I'm don't get too tired before I finish this entry. I woke up this morning at about 08:00. I decided that I'd walk the 14 miles from where I was in Jamaica to where I needed to be. Yes,... Continue Reading →

NYC 2017: Day 2

09.14.17 | New York, New York | 09:06 The Neighborhood in Jamaica, Queens, New York Jamaica: The bed here is so comfortable! I was mentally checked out last night by about 20:00. I slept all through the night until about 06:00 and then got up, showered, and ventured out to find something for breakfast. I... Continue Reading →

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