Yesterday morning I woke up in Newark, New Jersey. Since Kerri, my crewmate (and fellow Utah commuter) hadn’t ever been to New York City, I felt that we needed to spend the morning in Manhattan- she agreed. We met down in the hotel lobby at 6:15 and got a Lyft all the way in the... Continue Reading →

Travel Week Monday: DEN > BWI > STL It's been so many years since I've been to downtown St. Louis. When I was a new flight attendant, one of our hotels was so far into the downtown area, that you could practically throw a rock and hit the famous arch, not that I would ever... Continue Reading →

NYC 2017: Day 1 09.13.17 | Denver International Airport | 07:10 I love my life so much and so I often I feel guilty that I need a vacation. I guess need is a harsh word. I want a vacation, that is. I would like a brief escape from my everyday, where I won't have... Continue Reading →

...and now- the conclusion of Scotland 5... Scotland 5: Day 58 04.27.16 | Newark > Denver | 07:27 When we landed at JFK last night, I Uber’d my way into Newark, New Jersey. That ride was horribly expensive, but my body ached a little bit from not getting any sleep on the long leg. I... Continue Reading →

It was awesome running into my classmate Aubrey this morning at EWR airport! She looks exactly the same!!! Southwest flight attendant class #207! 11+ years later! My forehead wasn’t quite so big and shiny back then.

Today I ended up in Newark, New Jersey. Since we have a longer overnight, I thought it would be a fun idea to run into New York City for the afternoon. I got a ride using the Lyft app. Lyft is much like Uber but seems to cater to a different class of people. My driver,... Continue Reading →

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