I just got back to my room at the Marriott Cancun Resort, in Cancun, Mexico. I took the advice of my "crashpad dad" Jeff, and had the Surf & Turf. I'm extremely glad that I did! The piece of prime rib that I just ate was probably the the most delicious prime rib I've eaten... Continue Reading →

The bad news: I threw up 6 the night before this last work trip. The good news: I’m not pregnant- also,after doing so, my stomach ache immediately went away. Now I’m just having to deal with the “squirts”, as I call them. This is what happens when I eat too much junk food. I can’t... Continue Reading →

Three Letters To My U.S. Passports Dear First Passport, I wish I had a picture of you to include in this letter. You’re in a drawer or a box somewhere, but when I come across you, I will be sure to scan you and update this entry. I want to take this opportunity to thank... Continue Reading →

Coming in at number 13 on my bucket list is to go to Cancun, Mexico. Technically, this could be crossed off my list- I did fly down to Cancun on January 29th for work, but I never actually left the jetway. Since it was a turn, I was only on the ground for about an... Continue Reading →

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