Scotland 8: PreTrip

03.01.20 | Salt Lake City, Utah | 07:26 It's time to start 'Phase 2' of this vacation, which I am going to mark with #Scotland 8! I'm excited to return to this place that I love so much, and every time I've visited over the years, I've found that I love it more and more.... Continue Reading →

Today was one leg to Los Angeles... I can’t believe that I forgot to post the last time I was here: It was a perfect day in L.A.! Since I had about twenty-three hours to kill, I decided to take a Lyft into Hollywood. I saw a documentary called Three Identical Strangers. It was all... Continue Reading →

The bad news: I threw up 6 the night before this last work trip. The good news: I’m not pregnant- also,after doing so, my stomach ache immediately went away. Now I’m just having to deal with the “squirts”, as I call them. This is what happens when I eat too much junk food. I can’t... Continue Reading →

Tonight I'm in Los Angeles where it feels like Christmas. The temperature is in the upper-50s and a light wind is blowing off of the Pacific Ocean. Sepulveda Blvd is somewhat lit with Christmas lights, and I just walked back from grabbing an early dinner at Panera Bread, and stopped at Trader Joe's (where I... Continue Reading →

It’s a very rainy day in Los Angeles, California. It doesn’t even look like California at the moment. When my first flight landed, I had a message to call crew scheduling. I did so, and the scheduler on the other end of the line told me that I had been rerouted. I was originally supposed... Continue Reading →

Australia 2014: PreTrip 4

<LAX - BNE |  02:21> An interesting thing happened at L.A.X., about an hour before I boarded the plane. I was sitting on the floor, near the only electrical outlet by my gate, charging my devices when this older man who looked like he was from India, turban and all, glanced down at my hand... Continue Reading →

Australia 2014: PreTrip 3

<Home | 05:41> I can’t sleep. My body woke up somewhere around 04:30 even though I was up until almost midnight getting things together- there is no sleep left in me. Megan isn't going to come to pick me up for another six hours but I’m done sleeping. Maybe this is a good thing since... Continue Reading →

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