Ireland 2: Day 11 04.20.18 | Limerick Hotel | 21:04 Today was absolutely amazing! As I walked around exploring Limerick, I came across a barbershop called Modern Man. All of a sudden, a memory came back from my trip to Ireland, eleven years ago. I was just leaving a small town called Sixmilebridge, waiting for... Continue Reading →

Ireland 2: Day 10 04.19.18 | Place | Time I love Limerick! Everyone here sounds like Colin Farrell- it’s outstanding! The temperature got up into the 60s today! It felt wonderful! This is the first day on this vacation that I was able to wear shorts and leave the jacket and coat behind. I have... Continue Reading →

Ireland 2: Day 9 04.18.18 | Limerick Hotel | 21:14 This morning, I had to take a bus and two trains to get from Dingle to Limerick. It was an early morning, and I guess I wasn’t quite awake, because as I was about to board the first train, I realized that I had left... Continue Reading →

Ireland 2007: Day 4

03.31.2007 | Sixmilebridge, Ireland Today, I was leaving Sixmilebridge, headed to Limerick to catch a train down to Cork. This is Colm- he was on the bus with me into Limerick where he works as a hair stylist. Limerick, Ireland The Train Station in Limerick Limerick > Cork Cork, Ireland Walking from the Cork train... Continue Reading →

Ireland 2007: Day 2

03.29.2007 | Sixmilebridge, Ireland All I remember from this day was taking a bus into Limerick with one of my hostel mates. A nice girl whose name I don't remember. Nor can I remember where she was from. Limerick, Scotland

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