I have decided to end the blogging hiatus and start posting about my travels once again. This is only my second work trip back, and I'm hoping I can triumphantly merge from what I think is writer's block. This probably isn't the case, since I'm really not really a writer. I am told, as well,... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the third edition of Travel Week. This is going to be a shorter entry, as my work week was shorter than usual. Early on Sunday morning, I left my house at 05:30 to catch the 08:00 flight from Salt Lake City to Denver. This got me to Denver with plenty of time to... Continue Reading →

When I woke up this morning, here in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, it was so beautiful! It was also extremely windy and the water was so cold! I had planned on swimming in the Atlantic but only made it out as deep as the top of my knees. Lunch was at a place called Coconuts, which... Continue Reading →

I've never understood people who like to lay out in the sun. I don't get it. Why would you sit there like an unemployed, beached whale when the ocean is right there- and it's so great to actually play in the ocean or the pool. I know vitamin D is good for you, but you... Continue Reading →

Last night's sleep in Fort Lauderdale was not the best. At 23:40 the fire alarm went off- for about 20 minutes. I went down to the front desk and they told me that it was a false alarm and that everything was OK. After that, I really wasn't able to fall back into a deep... Continue Reading →

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