Ok... here's episode 2! This was a quick day-trip going down to visit my dear friend LaDawn! Enjoy!  

NYC 2017: Day 2

09.14.17 | New York, New York | 09:06 The Neighborhood in Jamaica, Queens, New York Jamaica: The bed here is so comfortable! I was mentally checked out last night by about 20:00. I slept all through the night until about 06:00 and then got up, showered, and ventured out to find something for breakfast. I... Continue Reading →

I love the fact that I am sitting in my own home. I do love all of my travels, and it's nice to stay in hotels (not having to make a bed), but I will never underestimate the comfort of my own bed! And just between you and I, I rarely make my bed at home.... Continue Reading →

At a very young age, my friend LaDawn and I would stand in front of the fireplace gripping a curling iron or a hairbrush and we would pretend to sing A Little Bit Country - A Little Bit Rock ‘n Roll by Donny and Marie Osmond. The plan was to learn it well enough so that we... Continue Reading →

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