And now... the conclusion of Scotland 7/ Ireland 2!

Scotland 6: PreTrip

02.26.18 | T.F. Green Airport (PVD) | 14:55 My plane from BWI to PVD landed at just after noon- two legs down, one to go. When I turned on my phone, I had a voicemail from the Anne Arundel County police. Apparently, I butt-dialed 9-1-1. Whoops! It’s weird, however, that a 9-1-1 call isn’t showing... Continue Reading →

Tonight I am extremely tired! I think I got about 20 minutes of sleep last night, but somehow I was able to fake it through my work day.  Last night, my roommate Kyle and I decided to go see the movie The Fifth Wave.  I thought it was a pretty good film, but it did... Continue Reading →

Today I have been enjoying my second day off of work. It’s been a good one and I’ve spent at least part of it working on future blog entries, and some bucket list organization. I also managed to watch the movie Stranger Than Fiction. Interesting film but took me a little while to get lost... Continue Reading →

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