Scotland 7: Day 17

03.18.19 | Oban, Scotland | 13:30 When my alarm went off at 07:00, I stood up, got ready, and left the pod. I wanted to get the first ferry back to Mull. Iona is a pretty island! I wish I had more time to explore it, not that there’s a whole lot to see and... Continue Reading →

Scotland 7: Day 16

03.17.19 | Iona, Scotland | 08:09 Aside from the fact that the bed is not the most comfortable, I had a pretty decent night’s sleep- as it turns out, I was worried about nothing. From the moment I got a message from the owner, I’d been stressing a bit. I woke up at about 07:00-... Continue Reading →

Scotland 7: Day 15

03.16.19 | Iona Pod | 16:34 The trip to Iona was incredibly beautiful! I boarded a bus in Tobermory and had to switch to another bus in Craignure. Then came the part of the trip where we drove the non-existent town of Torosay. The reason I bring this up is that this is one of... Continue Reading →

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