Ireland 2007: Day 13

04.09.2007 | Belfast, Ireland The only thing I remember about this day was that there was an enormous "gang" of motor scooter riders... and I went to see the movie Wild Hogs. This would be my last day in Ireland, sadly. This is the last post for 'Ireland 2007'. Tomorrow's post will be the continuation... Continue Reading →

Ireland 2007: Day 12

04.08.2007 | Belfast, Ireland When my friend Tracy heard I was going to Belfast, she gave me the contact information for the Jackson family. I don't remember how she met them, but not only did I look them up, they took me to church and gave me dinner afterward. It was a wonderful afternoon in... Continue Reading →

Ireland 2007: Day 7

04.03.2007 | Cork, Ireland Blarney, Ireland Today's adventure was to Blarney- to kiss the Blarney Stone. From Kissing Ireland’s Blarney Stone, a tradition that’s been around for several centuries, is said to give a person the gift of eloquence and persuasiveness. The iconic stone is set in a wall of Blarney Castle, constructed in... Continue Reading →

Ireland 2007: Day 5

04.01.2007 | Cork, Ireland I must have stayed in and rested for the day, because the only picture I have is of some food. This was a Sunday, so I most likely went to church and took it easy.

Ireland 2007: Day 4

03.31.2007 | Sixmilebridge, Ireland Today, I was leaving Sixmilebridge, headed to Limerick to catch a train down to Cork. This is Colm- he was on the bus with me into Limerick where he works as a hair stylist. Limerick, Ireland The Train Station in Limerick Limerick > Cork Cork, Ireland Walking from the Cork train... Continue Reading →

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