Scotland 5: Day 36 04.05.16 | Edinburgh > Inverness | 09:40 It’s sad that most of my entries discuss the condition of the wifi. When did that become a thing? How did we survive as a species before the early ’90s when the internet wasn’t available to everyone? You know- before Al Gore invented it.... Continue Reading →

Scotland 5: Day 20

03.20.16 | Aberdeen, Scotland | 20:26 On Sundays, like today, I try to do things a bit differently. I left the hostel this morning at about 09:00 and walked to church. It wasn't too long of a walk, maybe 3 miles or so. The congregation made me feel very welcome. Everybody was too kind! I... Continue Reading →

Australia 2014: Part 15

<Berriedale - Hobart | 12:44> My favorite part of the Mona Gallery is this picture of the big-bad-wolf eating grandma. Yes, it’s graphic, and yes, there’s a boob there, but look at the wolf’s eyes. Isn’t it spectacular? Either that or I’m going to have nightmares tonight. I’m not sure which one. Ignore the boob.... Continue Reading →

Australia 2014: Part 14

<Hobart, Tasmania | 09:08> I have just purchased tickets to the Mona Gallery. This is one of the things that the flight attendant who brought me down here from Melbourne told me I had to see. She told me to make sure I come with an open mind. That makes me wonder what she’s talking... Continue Reading →

Australia 2014: Part 13

<Hobart, Tasmania | 08:08> I had set a goal to climb Mt. Wellington today. I’ve set this goal half-heartedly because according to Google Maps, it’s about 12 miles from the hostel one way. Therefore, I have updated said goal to at least walk toward the mountain. I’ve seen pictures from the top and it’s a... Continue Reading →

Australia 2014: Part 11

<Hobart, Tasmania | 07:48> I am sitting on my bed at the Brunswick Hotel (Tassie Backpackers) in Hobart, Tasmania. I’m wondering what I’m going to do for breakfast. Since today is the day before Easter, I’m not sure what is going to be open. McDonalds may be my only option but I need to crawl... Continue Reading →

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