Scotland 4: Day 13 4.9.11 | Dundee > Aberdeen | 11:05 I’ve had a good morning, thus far. I woke up at about 08:00 and got my things together. I loaded up the backpack and checked out of the hostel. I think what I’ll miss the most about Dundee is the people who live in... Continue Reading →

Scotland 4: Day 12 4.8.11 | Dundee Hostel | 15:49 Today has been quite good! I started this morning with a search for breakfast. I ended up at Starbucks so that I could use their internet connection, so breakfast was a butter crescent, a blueberry muffin, and a white hot chocolate- healthy AND well-balanced (not... Continue Reading →

Scotland 4: Day 11 4.7.11 | Dundee Hostel | 13:33 I have reached my next destination safely. My train left Edinburgh at 09:28 and even though it was only about 60 miles, it took about an hour and a half to get here. Dundee is located on the Tay Firth… I think that’s what it’s... Continue Reading →

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