Scotland 6: Day 9 03.07.18 | Dumfries > Kilmarnock | 11:58 First off, I want to give a shout-out to everyone who complimented me on my new hat. I did a live video yesterday from a cemetery in Dumfries and many people thought it looked good. I actually picked it up at an H&M in... Continue Reading →

Scotland 6: Day 8

03.06.18 | Dumfries, Scotland | 22:08 This morning started like most mornings in Scotland: Me, walking through the rain, hunting for breakfast, hoping the sun decides to come out. I followed my G.P.S. to a restaurant that served “Famous Scottish Pancakes.” Upon further inspection- Scottish pancakes taste exactly like the ones we have in America.... Continue Reading →

Scotland 6: Day 7 03.05.18 | Train: Edinburgh > Carlisle | 10:49 I just sat down on a train that is headed south. I will be making a transfer in Carlisle and then be heading to Dumfries. I have never been to Dumfries, so I really don’t know what to expect. When I was planning... Continue Reading →

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