Ireland 2: Day 20

04.29.18 | Dublin, Ireland | 21:56 Laundry day: When I got to the laundry room, there was a line of people waiting to use laundry facilities. It’s funny that this huge hostel that easily houses 150+ people only has two washers and two driers. I learned that these two washer and two driers were for... Continue Reading →

Ireland 2: Day 19 04.28.18 | Dublin Hostel | 21:02 Earlier when I was walking around Dublin, looking for lunch, I happened to find a karaoke bar. I decided that I was going to go back tonight and see if I could get in on that action. When I got there, there were a few... Continue Reading →

Ireland 2: Day 18 04.27.18 | Dublin Hostel | 10:14 I just finished breakfast and guess who sat next to me? Creepy French guy... see yesterday’s post, if you don’t know what I’m talking about. Today I tried to be more kind and understanding. I did more than the one-word answers and he, once again,... Continue Reading →

Ireland 2: Day 16 04.25.18 | Dublin Hostel | 20:01 It’s good to be back in Dublin. This is the second-to-last place on my journey, sadly. Since there is plenty to do in the city, I will be spending most of the rest of my trip here. Maybe some day trips out of the city,... Continue Reading →

Ireland 2: Day 17 04.26.18 | Dublin Hostel | 21:04 Today was an indoor day, for the most part. I got a late start because of the rains, and I even got a massage! It was amazing! I spent most of the day reading, and went to see the new Avengers movie in the afternoon.... Continue Reading →

Ireland 2: Day 3 04.12.18 | Dublin Hostel | 20:46 This morning I met a girl named Shannon. I believe she told me she was from Michigan. I could be wrong about that, however. Over breakfast, she told me all about bullet journaling. This is kind of a easy way to record your goals, and... Continue Reading →

Ireland 2: Day 2 04.11.18 | Dublin Hostel | 20:24 Dublin is such a great city! After breakfast, I just went out and explored. I didn’t want to pull out a map or any directions, so I just left the hostel and wandered in the city. I walked through the temple bar area, but just... Continue Reading →

Ireland 2: Day 1

04.10.18 | Dublin Hostel | 18:28 Now it’s time for an unexpected turn. Back in October, I was perusing the internet, looking for a cheap ticket home (I’d already found a smoking’ deal on my one-way flight to Scotland). When I found a great deal, I quickly grabbed my credit card since I thought the... Continue Reading →

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