Scotland 8: Day 15

03.16.20 | Dalmally, Scotland | 22:03 I’ve been watching the Coronavirus numbers rise from At least I’m going north. Maybe the virus will ignore the north for a few more days. I’ve already adjusted my trip a couple of times, and when though I was supposed to have a go in Europe, I’m now... Continue Reading →

Scotland 8: Day 13

03.14.20 | Glasgow, Scotland | 19:00 It cost me £14 to get an Uber one-way to Apple Braehead. Apple Buchanan Street is only a few blocks from me, but they are the more popular destination and had no appointments today. So I get to the store, and five employees are standing on the doorway. “Didn’t... Continue Reading →

Scotland 8: Day 12

A Clear Day As I Leave Brodick 03.13.20 | Glasgow, Scotland | 20:59 Today has been filled with some good news and some bad and depressing news. First- let’s talk about the good news. I managed to get the first ferry from the island Erin this morning and arrived in Glasgow just before noon. I’m... Continue Reading →

Scotland 8: Day 6

03.07.20 | Edinburgh, Scotland | 21:29 For breakfast this morning, I returned to Mum’s. I have probably eaten at this restaurant more times over the years, than any other restaurant in Scotland. Not only is it a great location, but they serve delicious comfort food. The first time I visited Mum’s was back when it... Continue Reading →

Scotland 8: Day 4

03.05.20| Edinburgh, Scotland | 22:39 Behold: The French Skillet from Buddy Mulligans! Today I have to confess that I did not have an opportunity to climb up to Arthur’s Seat. I know I promised myself that I would do it every day, but I have a good excuse! You see, I had to check out... Continue Reading →

Scotland 7: Day 35

04.05.19 | Edinburgh, Scotland | 22:19 Dicky said he wanted to go see Camera Obscura, an Edinburgh tourist attraction that has been around since the 1800s. He invited me to go with him, and I went half-heartedly thinking I'd be bored. I felt like this was going to be a waste of the £14 entry... Continue Reading →

Scotland 7: Day 34

04.04.19 | Edinburgh, Scotland | 22:47 It is always great when someone can join you on your adventures. This morning I met a guy called Dicky. He is from the lovely country of Canada, so I guess that makes us next door neighbors. He is on a temporary, paid leave of absence from his job... Continue Reading →

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