Hawaii 2020: Day 3

02.22.20 | Princeville, Hawaii | 21:04 Today was a good day. I spent quite a bit of it alone because my family all wanted to go out on a boat ride. I don’t know exactly what this ride entailed, but even though they said it was a good time, I couldn’t wrap my mind around... Continue Reading →

Hawaii 2020: Day 1

02.20.20 | Home | 02:04 I set my alarm for 04:15, but my body has been wide awake since midnight. I'm not going to fight it anymore- Today is the first day of my vacation, and I can hardly stand it- I'm so excited! Not only will I be one step closer to visiting every... Continue Reading →

On this day, 44 years ago, my parents’ were blessed with their favorite child. Up until this point, they’d had a miscarriage, a stillborn baby called Michelle, and five living disappointments, my siblings. Fact: My mom tells me that after my brother Matt was born, they’d always felt like they had another child waiting for... Continue Reading →

I love the fact that I am sitting in my own home. I do love all of my travels, and it's nice to stay in hotels (not having to make a bed), but I will never underestimate the comfort of my own bed! And just between you and I, I rarely make my bed at home.... Continue Reading →

This afternoon, I ended up in Albuquerque, New Mexico. What's my favorite thing to do while in New Mexico? Eat! Duh! One of our passengers told us that her favorite restaurant here is called Sadie's. She told us that she'd been gone from Albuquerque for 5 days and desperately needed to "get her green chile... Continue Reading →

Tonight has been a great evening! One of my friends sent me a link to a song on YouTube and told me that I just had to listen to it. The one he showed me was good, but not as powerful for me, as it had been for him. The next thing I know, I've... Continue Reading →

Sometimes the fact that I don’t live at my base (Denver) can get annoying. Instead of driving to work, like most people. My commute is a 50-minute drive to downtown Salt Lake City, then I have to wait for a shuttle (up to 30 minutes) to take me to the airport. Next, I make my... Continue Reading →

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