A Light Flight to NYC "The new normal" is very odd. I think I'll call it "the current normal" instead. On Saturday, I was assigned to work a turn (that's where you work a flight away from the base, and then back to base without having a layover/ overnight stay). I worked to New York... Continue Reading →

On this day, 44 years ago, my parents’ were blessed with their favorite child. Up until this point, they’d had a miscarriage, a stillborn baby called Michelle, and five living disappointments, my siblings. Fact: My mom tells me that after my brother Matt was born, they’d always felt like they had another child waiting for... Continue Reading →

Ok... new project- Here is my latest attempt at a video podcast. Take a look- I hope you enjoy!  

Welcome to the third edition of Travel Week. This is going to be a shorter entry, as my work week was shorter than usual. Early on Sunday morning, I left my house at 05:30 to catch the 08:00 flight from Salt Lake City to Denver. This got me to Denver with plenty of time to... Continue Reading →

NYC 2017: Day 1 09.13.17 | Denver International Airport | 07:10 I love my life so much and so I often I feel guilty that I need a vacation. I guess need is a harsh word. I want a vacation, that is. I would like a brief escape from my everyday, where I won't have... Continue Reading →

For my own safety and security, I usually don't post in advance any information about the places I'm traveling to. If I do post, I never give out the dates of when I'm going to be there. I hope I'm not being overly cautious, but I've learned that often times, people are crazy. If I... Continue Reading →

On Sunday evening, I was at the Salt Lake City International airport. It was time to commute to Denver since I had an early A.M. trip on Monday. When I approached the customer service desk to get my boarding pass, the agent asked if I'd be willing to work a flight out of Salt Lake... Continue Reading →

This past week, I started to read Wicked again. I love this book! If you're not familiar, it's the story of the rise [and fall] of the wicked witch of the west. Please understand that I'm not a huge reader- so for me to read on my own, is a pretty big deal. When I read this... Continue Reading →

When I was leaving Colorado early this morning, a late winter storm was pushing its way through that part of the country. On the news, they told us that Brighton could experience up to 6 inches of snow. We actually were a few minutes late behind schedule, since we had to wait in such a... Continue Reading →

Sometimes the fact that I don’t live at my base (Denver) can get annoying. Instead of driving to work, like most people. My commute is a 50-minute drive to downtown Salt Lake City, then I have to wait for a shuttle (up to 30 minutes) to take me to the airport. Next, I make my... Continue Reading →

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