Scotland 5: Day 10 03.10.16 | 11:35 | Oban Hostel My walk from the flat back to the Colonsay Airfield started before the sun rose. I had booked the 09:00 flight and didn’t want to be late. After all, the plane only comes and goes to and from the island twice a day. Also, I... Continue Reading →

Scotland 5: Day 9 03.09.16 | 07:45 | Colonsay Flat I tried to sleep in this morning. When my body was fully awake, I read a bit in bed. Nope, not being lazy. As much as I want to go wander, I need to make sure I’m wandering in the right direction. My wanderings need... Continue Reading →

Scotland 5: Day 8 03.08.16 | 09:08 | Oban Hostel Today is a rainy day in Oban. I’m pretty sure Oban knows I’m leaving today so it’s weeping. It’s just a theory and I’m no meteorologist, but God is definitely sad about this. I just walked down to Abbie’s Cafe for one more breakfast. This... Continue Reading →

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