Scotland 4: Day 33

Edinburgh, Scotland | 10:14 I had a great sleep last night but was woken a bit too early. At about 07:00 or 07:15, construction started working in the room next to ours, and there was loud banging. I’d only wished that they would have held off for a bit, but no big deal. I got... Continue Reading →

Scotland 4: Day 32

Edinburgh, Scotland | 23:22 Today was great! I woke up and had two big bowls of cereal and then went out for a walk. I decided I’d walk toward the west, away from all the “touristy” areas. It was refreshing to see “normal” people going about their day. I must have been near a university... Continue Reading →

Scotland 4: Day 31

4.27.11 | Edinburgh Hostel | 15:56 My breakfast this morning was provided by the hostel, so I didn't have to eat out. It was some brand of multi-grain cereal. My keen observation: Over here, Cheerios is part of that Nestle company, not the General Mills company like in the states- and now you're as smart... Continue Reading →

Scotland 4: Day 30

My Room in Edinburgh Edinburgh, Scotland | 14:20 Good afternoon! I left Pitlochry this morning and now I’m back to Edinburgh. Sadly, this is my 2nd to last stop before having to fly home. This time I’m at a new hostel… well, I stayed here 3 or 4 years ago, or whenever Scotland 3 happened.... Continue Reading →

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