The workers at Waffle House #1584 in Columbus, Ohio are awesome! One of the gals even called me “sugar”. I had my usual- the fiesta omelet. It was delicious! Happy that this is the 14th different Waffle House location I’ve eaten at. 14 down, 86 to go!

This is Waffle House #1090 in Morrisville, North Carolina! It is the thirteenth unique location that I have eaten at! Yay for accomplishing goals! Thirteen down, eighty-seven to go!

Today I’m in St Louis, Missouri. I’m happy to announce that I have eaten at yet another Waffle House! Waffle House #307! This brings me to a current total of 12 different Waffle Houses (that I can recall), and I’m well on my way to eating at 100 different locations! This particular one was the... Continue Reading →

My sister Melanie reminded me a couple weeks ago that I hadn’t updated the blog in awhile. Perhaps it’s time for me to check in. Today I worked with only half of a cylinder. This is what is also called zombie-mode. I am so tired that my head aches. Last night I was in Atlanta... Continue Reading →

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