Scotland 8: Day 12

A Clear Day As I Leave Brodick 03.13.20 | Glasgow, Scotland | 20:59 Today has been filled with some good news and some bad and depressing news. First- let’s talk about the good news. I managed to get the first ferry from the island Erin this morning and arrived in Glasgow just before noon. I’m... Continue Reading →

Scotland 8: Day 11

03.12.20 | Brodick, Scotland | 10:05 Sunrise I’m sitting in the CalMac ferry terminal and am the only one here at the moment. I woke up this morning at 06:30, gathered the rest of my stuff, and left the Airbnb. A friend from the states has been tracking my travels and let me know that... Continue Reading →

Scotland 8: Day 10

03.11.20 | Brodick, Scotland | 21:36 When I first woke up, there is rain hitting the skylight above me. The sound may have been what woke me this morning. At any rate, I had gotten a good night's sleep, so I rolled out of bed and headed downstairs. I did a load of laundry, and... Continue Reading →

Scotland 8: Day 9

03.10.20 | Brodick, Scotland | 21:27 Today was good, but I'm regretting not doing more. For reasons I shouldn't get into (restroom reasons), I decided to stay close to the house. I did manage to walk Brodick to get a few supplies for lunch and some snacks, however. Everything is so expensing on the British... Continue Reading →

Scotland 8: Day 8

03.09.20 | Brodick, Scotland | 21:29 Leaving Edinburgh Glasgow Central Station Leaving Glasgow I arrived on the isle of Arran yesterday in the early afternoon. This storm was the first heavy rain that I've experienced in Scotland this year. I knew it was inevitable since I choose to travel here this time of... Continue Reading →

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