On Sunday evening, I was at the Salt Lake City International airport. It was time to commute to Denver since I had an early A.M. trip on Monday. When I approached the customer service desk to get my boarding pass, the agent asked if I'd be willing to work a flight out of Salt Lake... Continue Reading →

You know that horrible feeling that you get when you forget or lose something important? It can be something as simple as placing my phone or wallet in the wrong pocket. When this happens, it sometimes feels like someone kicked me in the gut. I may as well have been robbed at gun point, I'm... Continue Reading →

Tonight I'm in Boston, Massachusetts. I just had an early dinner at NoName, which is a pretty good seafood restaurant on the Boston Fish Pier. According to the internet, this restaurant has been around since 1917. The food was pretty good. I had the fish chowder, followed by a seafood plate, consisting of oysters, scallops,... Continue Reading →

The hotel shuttle dropped us off at Boston’s Logan International Airport at about 0730 this morning because our flight was scheduled to leave at 0815. After the passengers boarded and we were ready for pushback, our captain got on the P.A. to inform the us that there was some kind of indicator light that was... Continue Reading →

Boston is cold tonight. The weather forecast says it may continue to snow into the night and then again in the early morning. Unfortunately, this won’t be enough to leave us stranded here. I would love to be stranded! Years ago, this happened to me twice in one season- both times, I happened to be... Continue Reading →

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