Scotland 5: Day 36 04.05.16 | Edinburgh > Inverness | 09:40 It’s sad that most of my entries discuss the condition of the wifi. When did that become a thing? How did we survive as a species before the early ’90s when the internet wasn’t available to everyone? You know- before Al Gore invented it.... Continue Reading →

Scotland 5: Day 20

03.20.16 | Aberdeen, Scotland | 20:26 On Sundays, like today, I try to do things a bit differently. I left the hostel this morning at about 09:00 and walked to church. It wasn't too long of a walk, maybe 3 miles or so. The congregation made me feel very welcome. Everybody was too kind! I... Continue Reading →

Scotland 5: Day 16 03.16.16 | Stirling > Pitlochry Train | 10:43 I really enjoyed two out of three of my hostel mates last night. One was the guy I already talked about, the Ukrainian who lives in Greece, the second one is a guy who joined us just yesterday. He’s from Germany but is... Continue Reading →

Three Letters To My U.S. Passports Dear First Passport, I wish I had a picture of you to include in this letter. You’re in a drawer or a box somewhere, but when I come across you, I will be sure to scan you and update this entry. I want to take this opportunity to thank... Continue Reading →

Today I ended up, once again, in SeaTac, Washington. I know I say this often- I love the northwest so much! I could totally live up here again! Not sure what my problem is- it’s not that I’m not happy in Utah. Maybe it is some kind of grass-is-greener complex (by the way, the grass... Continue Reading →

Australia 2014: Part 16

<BNE - LAX | 00:51> My last few days in Brisbane were wonderful! Arron and Brendan took me to a Turkish restaurant, we played a game of barefoot lawn bowling- which was a blast even though I now know of yet another sport I suck at. We went on a short bush walk, visited a... Continue Reading →

Australia 2014: Part 15

<Berriedale - Hobart | 12:44> My favorite part of the Mona Gallery is this picture of the big-bad-wolf eating grandma. Yes, it’s graphic, and yes, there’s a boob there, but look at the wolf’s eyes. Isn’t it spectacular? Either that or I’m going to have nightmares tonight. I’m not sure which one. Ignore the boob.... Continue Reading →

Australia 2014: Part 14

<Hobart, Tasmania | 09:08> I have just purchased tickets to the Mona Gallery. This is one of the things that the flight attendant who brought me down here from Melbourne told me I had to see. She told me to make sure I come with an open mind. That makes me wonder what she’s talking... Continue Reading →

Australia 2014: Part 13

<Hobart, Tasmania | 08:08> I had set a goal to climb Mt. Wellington today. I’ve set this goal half-heartedly because according to Google Maps, it’s about 12 miles from the hostel one way. Therefore, I have updated said goal to at least walk toward the mountain. I’ve seen pictures from the top and it’s a... Continue Reading →

Australia 2014: Part 12

<4.20.14| New Town, Australia | 09:13 It's Easter Sunday. I figure the least I could do on this day is attend church. I check the internet, and it looks like the nearest chapel is about 4 miles from the hostel- I'm glad that I was in the mood for a walk. I stop several times... Continue Reading →

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