Losing It: Day 1

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Tonight I’m in Costa Mesa, California. I worked three legs: DEN > SAN > SJC > SNA. This trip is off to a great start, and we already got our three-leg day out of the way. Just two legs tomorrow, and two back to base on Friday.

Yesterday, just before I got ready to leave for my commute to work, I was feeling inspired that it was time to get back on the weight-loss wagon. This is a wagon I’ve tried to ride quite a few times, but only once in my life have I kept with the plan. This meant that I had lost 26lbs in just over a month. Over the last 6 years, however, I have slowly gained it all back, plus a bit more.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy eating healthy food, or that I’m not active- it’s just that after those healthy salads and hikes up the mountain, I have always felt like I should reward myself with junk food. I have joked in the past that I would eat a brick if it had enough sugar on it.

Yesterday was the day that I was inspired to get my rear back in gear. I posted a video on Facebook (that will soon be deleted) where I discussed what was going on in my head, how I had once lost so much weight but gained it back, and what had originally inspired me was my friends Andy and Libby.

This is a couple that I met on a flight I happened to be working. They were both wearing badges that bragged to the whole world, just how much weight they’d lost up to that point. Either Andy’s or Libby’s badge read that eighty-something pounds had been lost up to this point. They both looked incredibly healthy and as I talked with them, I was inspired. They were “on fire” since they were on their way home from some sort of Herbalife conference.

I jumped in, full steam ahead, and as a result, I lost 26 lbs in about a month-and-a-half. This was amazing, in my own mind, because this was the first time that I’d ever followed through with any kind of health regimen. Nothing would stop me- until something stopped me. 

You see, right after this, I was going on vacation to Scotland. I decided that I didn’t want to have to haul a bunch of protein powders around with me and that since this was a vacation, I should be allowed to eat whatever I wanted, and then my intention was to come home, and start the weight loss again. Pretty soon, however, I found myself justifying (or rationalizing?) eating bad and neglecting my workouts. After all, I had lost weight before, and all I needed to do was what I had done before.

Then the Lord tempted me with molten-chocolate cake. Did you know that almost every single hotel I stay in for work has this on the menu? Have mercy! But don’t worry- I’ll just eat this and start fresh with my healthy lifestyle next week. So ‘next week’ would roll around and I’d go through the same cycle, over and over again.

I’ve never been extremely huge, but since early high school, my weight has slowly crept up. I’m constantly haunted by the fact that I can no longer fit in my Wrangler jeans with the 32-inch waist. I am now up to a 34-inch waist, and those are starting to feel pretty tight.

So that brings us to today: Today is day one of this journey. Up to this point, I haven’t cheated yet- not even as much as one tiny pretzel on the plane. I was tempted, but I just made myself strong. The hardest part is the fact that I’m working with my dear friend, Cindi. She always has something good in her bag that she is willing to share- she should probably buy stock in mint M&Ms. Today’s temptation was banana bread or some kind of sweet bread. It looked amazing, but I remain strong.

I’m about to drink a shake, and it’s off to the gym like a good boy. Hopefully, they’ll have some healthy options on the menu for dinner.

Here are the rules: 

  1. 2 meal shakes each day
  2. 2 protein shakes each day (taken with meal shakes)
  3. 2 multi-vitamins
  4. 64 oz water (at least)
  5. No sugar
  6. No flour
  7. Lots of veggies
  8. At least 30 minutes of cardio, or other workout five times a week

I will be giving myself a free day once each week, so I don’t go crazy. This day will most likely be determined by the following question: Which layover has the best burger? I would kill my own mother for a delicious burger.

I’ll let you know of my progress, or if I fall flat on my face.

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