Scotland 7: Day 40 (conclusion)

04.11.19 | Home | 07:15 By the time my head hit my pillow last night, I was out. My body had been up, at that point, for 22+ hours. This is what happens when you ride the cheap seats: LGW > SEA > OAK > SLC. Shoutout to the most amazing Norwegian crew who brought... Continue Reading →

Scotland 7: Day 39

04.09.19 | Horley, England |18:55 When I booked my return flight to the states, I thought I'd found a great way to save money! Instead of flying from Edinburgh to Salt Lake City, I found a great deal from London Gatwick all the way to Seattle. From there, I'll just fly non-revenue to get home.... Continue Reading →

Scotland 7: Day 38

04.08.19 | Edinburgh, Scotland | 21:43 I figured out why Edinburgh has been so rainy over the last few days. This is Scotland crying, knowing that it's almost time for me to leave. It's sad when you come to a place that you love so much, and you have to go back to "reality". It's... Continue Reading →

Scotland 7: Day 37

04.07.19 | Edinburgh, Scotland | 21:06 Today started out, just like yesterday: A misty sprinkle with thick fog. I made the mistake of going to find breakfast without taking my umbrella. By the time I got back to the hostel, I was soaking wet. Because of this, I spent most of the morning inside- I... Continue Reading →

Scotland 7: Day 36

04.06.19 | Edinburgh, Scotland | 23:46 As I walked to get my breakfast, I could tell it would be a rainy day. This isn't just rain. It's that misty rain so that no umbrella is going to help at all. It just blows in your face- not so good for those of us who wear... Continue Reading →

Scotland 7: Day 35

04.05.19 | Edinburgh, Scotland | 22:19 Dicky said he wanted to go see Camera Obscura, an Edinburgh tourist attraction that has been around since the 1800s. He invited me to go with him, and I went half-heartedly thinking I'd be bored. I felt like this was going to be a waste of the £14 entry... Continue Reading →

Scotland 7: Day 34

04.04.19 | Edinburgh, Scotland | 22:47 It is always great when someone can join you on your adventures. This morning I met a guy called Dicky. He is from the lovely country of Canada, so I guess that makes us next door neighbors. He is on a temporary, paid leave of absence from his job... Continue Reading →

Scotland 7: Day 33

04.03.19 | Edinburgh, Scotland | 22:19 Today I changed it up- just a bit. When I was walking to Leith the other day, I noticed that the musical Matilda was playing. I decided to check online if there were any tickets left. As luck would have it, the Edinburgh Playhouse had exactly two tickets left... Continue Reading →

Scotland 7: Day 32

04.02.19 | Edinburgh, Scotland | 23:54 Tonight was such a cool night! I went on a City of the Dead tour. This tour, which I also went on a few years ago, is all about Edinburgh's haunted past. Paranormal stuff has always fascinated me. To be honest, I don't believe in so much of it,... Continue Reading →

Scotland 7: Day 31

04.01.19 | Edinburgh, Scotland | 20:17 I decided this morning to go on a long walk. It ended up being over 6 miles, by the time I got back to the hostel. I walked all the way to the Ocean Terminal Shopping Center, which is a mall in North Leith that is right on the... Continue Reading →

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