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I just got back to my room at the Marriott Cancun Resort, in Cancun, Mexico. I took the advice of my “crashpad dad” Jeff, and had the Surf & Turf. I’m extremely glad that I did! The piece of prime rib that I just ate was probably the the most delicious prime rib I’ve eaten since my first experience with Ruth’s Chris (see post). The lobster tail on the plate next to it was the perfect accompaniment!

If you know me- you know I don’t normally eat out this lavaish. Since this is my first time in Cancun (well, my first “official” visit, at least), I thought it was worth it. The only other time I’ve been here doesn’t really count, because I didn’t even have the opportunity to stop out of the jetway at the airport (see post). They give me “turns” like that just to tease me and mess with my mind. A “turn”, in my line of work, means you fly away from your base, and end up back at your base by the end of the day, rather than staying on an layover/ overnight.

2skh63oQSpK2Y7owgsM2BQWhat does this mean? This means that I can finally check off bucket list item number 13, which is to go to Cancun. I told the desk clerk that this was my first time here, and she gave me a great room that is right on the ocean! I am amazed at this beautiful view! I was so impressed, in fact, that I walked around and did a live Periscope! The video ended up begin just over 17 minutes long. Pretty long, yes, but it gives you a good look at the view a walk around the hotel and grounds. Click here to watch.

I wish I had a longer time here, but my alarm is set and I have to be up pretty early in the morning. Sadly, I’m coming back to the states, first thing. I would mind coming down here on my own time and checking into the Marriott for at least a week.



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