Hey everyone! It is time for I Scream, You Scream 2018, which is my 8th annual birthday bash, and I want to invite all of you (even if we haven't met)! This can be celebrated from anywhere in the world! The rules are simple: Go out and buy your favorite flavor of ice cream (at... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the fourth edition of Travel Week! Sunday: DEN > PHX > ATL > PHL When we finally landed in Philadelphia, we were about twenty minutes late. I'm surprised that we weren't even later than that. All I'm going to say about this first day is that I'm thankful for those passengers who actually... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the third edition of Travel Week. This is going to be a shorter entry, as my work week was shorter than usual. Early on Sunday morning, I left my house at 05:30 to catch the 08:00 flight from Salt Lake City to Denver. This got me to Denver with plenty of time to... Continue Reading →

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