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Ireland 2: Day 7

^^Kent Station in Cork

04.16.18 | Cork > Tralee | 09:12

This next leg of my journey is pretty much my dear friend Colee’s fault. From the time I met her (in the late 90s, while living in Logan, Utah) she always said she wanted to go to Dingle, Ireland. This is because she grew up in Dingle, Idaho. When I was planning this part of my trip, I remembered. What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t get there before her and rub it in her face? To Dingle I go!

As with most new places that I visit, I didn’t Google any information. I don’t want the surprise spoiled. I’m pretty sure there’s not much going on in Dingle, though. I’ve been told it’s absolutely beautiful if I’m into hiking. Since I am, let’s just all cross our fingers that the weather allows me to do some exploring over the next two days.

Since the train doesn’t go all the way out to Dingle, when I get to Tralee, I’ll kill a couple hours by finding some lunch, and then finding the train station. I will say- I’m so glad I decided to keep my phone on during this trip. In the past, I really wanted to avoid any international fees with AT&T, so I kept my phone in airplane mode the entire journey, and only connected to WiFi hotspots. I’m really not sure how I survived, especially without my G.P.S. directions.

That sounded like I’m spoiled rotten. On the contrary- if I knew I wasn’t going to use my phone the entire journey, I would have planned things a little better, printing off tons of directions, or doing screenshots at least.

AT&T charges me $10 per day for a rolling 24 hours. Totally worth it- but will be shopping for a better plan before I come back for Scotland 7. Even if this means leaving AT&T and finding another company to go with. I wills say, the wireless service has been pretty good. There’s been times when the internet has been extremely slow, but that was just my carrier, that is everyone’s. I can’t complain, really.


So far, it has been raining nonstop! It’s crazy! I don’t know how much hiking or exploring I’m going to get to do when I finally get there. Here’s hoping that Mother Nature is just getting it all out of her system!

Tralee > Dingle | 10:58

The good news: My train arrives just before the bus to Dingle was scheduled to leave… I wa originally planning to wait in Tralee for about three hours. The bad news: This means that there is no time to get something to eat. It’s beginning to feel like fast Sunday. Hashtag: survival.

Dingle Hostel | 21:39

When I got off the bus, the wind and rain was so strong that when I opened my umbrella, it was instantly destroyed. I’m not talking about just being flipped inside out, but flipped inside out- and then a bunch of the little metal spokes (I don’t think that’s what they’re really called) got busted. My umbrella is now in umbrella heaven (or maybe umbrella hell, depending on the life it lead).

I had no way of getting into the hostel, so I walked down the street and found a restaurant called The Wren’s Nest. Let me tell you about this place! It’s one room, and I go in and order and egg salad sandwich, and the guy makes it right there, over a little George Foreman-type grill. Now there was no kitchen to go in to prepare the food, he just did it right in front of me. It was the weirdest thing!

I Periscpe’d as I was walking around in the wind and the rain that evening. Feel free to check it out. I figure the link is easier to post than it would be to upload the whole video on this slow internet connection.

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