Scotland 6: Day 33

03.31.18 | Glasgow, Scotland | 23:27 Today has been a slow day. In fact, I don’t have a whole lot to report. It was hard for me to even stay awake on the train since I hadn’t got much sleep the night before. The room in Oban was full, and two of us four were... Continue Reading →

Scotland 6: Day 32

03.30.18 | Tobermory, Scotland | 15:17 Today I'm thankful that breakfast is included in the price of my hostel. It's not that it's a particularly lovely breakfast, but this trip could quickly become way too expensive. I travel best when I eat a big breakfast, a small lunch (or just get something in my stomach),... Continue Reading →

Scotland 6: Day 30

03.28.18 | Fort William > Crianlarich | 12:35 This morning went rather well. I walked down the hill into town and found some breakfast. The Crofter wasn’t open yet, so I went to the far side of the downtown area and found a Witherspoon pub/restaurant. I knew I wouldn’t be getting lunch today since I’d... Continue Reading →

Scotland 6: Day 29

03.27.18 | Fort William Hostel | 23:51 The good news: The sleep I got yesterday was just what I needed! My feet and legs are feeling back to 100%, as I’d hoped they would. The bad news: It is raining today. I’m not about to go hiking up the side of a muddy mountain, especially... Continue Reading →

Scotland 6: Day 28

03.26.18 | The Crofter, Fort William, Scotland | 11:17 The bus ride from Portree to Fort William was so beautiful, but if I could have dozed off, I would have. I didn’t fall asleep until after about 23:00 last night and didn’t sleep the best. A deep, recurring dream kept me from falling too deep... Continue Reading →

Scotland 6: Day 27

03.25.18 | Portree Hotel | 20:04 When I was eating breakfast this morning, I decided to get a longer walk in. If you recall, my walk the other day to Loch Ness was cut short when my foot started hurting. I refuse to believe that my foot was the problem. Instead, I think it’s the... Continue Reading →

Scotland 6: Day 26

03.24.18 | Portree Hotel, Portree, Scotland | 21:35 This morning I had to be up rather early, in order to check out of the hostel and catch the bus to my next destination. I walked into the bus station and purchased a steak pie and a Dr. Pepper. This would have to be a well-balanced... Continue Reading →

Scotland 6: Day 25

03.23.18 | Inverness Hostel | 23:20 Over the years, one of my Inverness traditions has been to walk to Loch Ness. If my memory serves me correct, it’s about 6 miles from the hostel in Inverness to the northernmost end of the Loch. On previous trips, I’ve been able to get some awesome pictures on... Continue Reading →

Scotland 6: Day 24

03.22.18 | Inverness Hostel | 11:19 My hostel mate here in Inverness is amazingly lazy. I’m not sure what his deal is- here’s what I do know so far. He’s from Italy, and he stays in bed all day. I plan on getting to the bottom of this real soon. Maybe he’s on his own... Continue Reading →

Scotland 6: Day 22 03.20.18 | Thurso Hostel | 20:20 As I entered the hostel kitchen this morning, there was five guys sitting around eating breakfast in silence. Since I don’t do silence very well, I was the first one to speak up, “Where are you guys from?”. I got the chat going, as I... Continue Reading →

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