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I recently got a new phone (Christmas gift to myself) and I wanted to go out and test the camera. As I suspected, the pictures look better on the phone than they do on my computer screen. Still, I think the quality is good enough that I don’t feel like I have to travel with a separate camera (even for bigger trips like Scotland). I decided to make a new game… well, maybe “game” isn’t the right word… a new activity. Today was the first attempt, and I think this will be a good excuse to explore more of the cities that I end up in while at work. I’m going to title this activity “<100 Steps” and here are the rules:

1. Decide on a destination or goal. This can be a famous landmark, a certain amount of miles, or anything really.
2. Step out of my hotel.
3. Walk toward the goal/destination.
4. Within 100 Steps or less, I have to take a picture.
5. Post the pictures and the stories here.

<100 Steps: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Today’s goal was to go to Jim’s Steaks, one of the really great cheesesteak restaurants in this area. Many people swear they love this one the best, or they love another one better, but this is a great one that is pretty close to where I’m staying. Here I am in the historic district of Philly- I could practically hit Benjamin Franklin’s headstone from my hotel, not that I would want to. I didn’t even know the guy.

When I stepped out of the hotel, I felt the cold! It was in the upper-40s, and I was in shorts, sandals, and a short-sleeved shirt. Not my finest moment. I decided that rather than go back up to my room and change, I’d just try to walk faster than I normally do. Maybe this wasn’t the best idea for the <100 Steps thingy I was doing. Oh well, it was a wonderful walk!


After this delicious lunch, I stopped by Starbucks for some herbal tea. I sat in the window to watch people pass by for about 10 minutes, then realized I needed to get back to the hotel to do some laundry. This is a great city. Next time I’m here, I’ll have to pick a different destination.


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