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Good morning from the crashpad! I need to get home and get some things done around the house, but that’s not going to happen for another week yet. I just got off a great trip with a great crew, and I’m hoping that this afternoon’s trip is just as great. I shouldn’t be jealous of my the two coworkers I just worked with because I just got back from New York City, but I am- ever so slightly. Today they are going to board a plane to Germany to experience Octoberfest where it was meant to be experienced. It’s not that even drink alcohol, but how cool would it be to just be there?

Austria (1)This reminds me of going to Paris and Germany with James and Jason, years ago. It was a great trip, and I had hoped we’d get to explore Austria as well. I believe we got as close as Heidelberg if my memory is correct. Being a huge fan of The Sound of Music (I played Kurt VonTrapp in 1993- my one and only attempt to act), I definitely wanted to add this to my bucket list! Number 6 on said list is to go to Austria. I hope they have lederhosen rentals.

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