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I have been making plans for Scotland 6 to happen in early spring of next year. Yesterday I was perusing the internet to get an estimate of what my flight to Edinburgh is going to cost. Even though my job gives me great flight benefits, those benefits are usually on a space-available basis. Overseas flights don’t usually fill to capacity in the early spring, but since I like book my lodging and transportation in advance, I don’t really want to be stuck in an airport somewhere, waiting for the next plane that happens to have an empty seat.

In pursuit of a good deal, I checked and noticed that Norwegian had some good deals going on. They are the airline that I flew on from Denmark to New York last year (see post). I clicked over to their site, to find out which U.S. airports they fly to. In doing so, I found a killer deal! PVD-EDI for $99 + taxes and fees! The grand total: $186! They may charge me for checking my one bag (it’s usually a huuuuge backpack), but even if they do, it’s still a great price- and this is for an exit row, window seat! I couldn’t pass up this kind of deal! I whipped out my credit card and bam! I finally feels real- Scotland 6 is happening!

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