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On Sunday evening, I was at the Salt Lake City International airport. It was time to commute to Denver since I had an early A.M. trip on Monday. When I approached the customer service desk to get my boarding pass, the agent asked if I’d be willing to work a flight out of Salt Lake City. Apparently one of our flight attendants had gotten very sick and started throwing up, after the passengers had all boarded the plane. I told the agent that I was willing, but wouldn’t be legal for it. After working six days in a row, the F.A.A. requires that we rest for 24 hours. Since I was about to work six days in a row, this wasn’t going to work. The only way this could happen would be if my work scheduling department were to change my trip.

Wouldn’t you know it? As I was saying this to her, my phone rang. It was scheduling. I answered and they asked if I would work that flight to Chicago and they would adjust my trip so that everything was legal. I told them I would, but didn’t have time to check my assignment before I had to board the plane. After all, the passengers were already boarded and now late. I boarded the plane, stowed my bags, and we were off. I thought that my new assignment was to work to Chicago, and then they’d either work or deadhead me back to Denver so that I could start my trip the next morning. It wasn’t to be. When we landed at Midway, I checked my assignment. I was to work another flight that night to Boston.

Usually stuff like this only happens if I’m excited to get to a particularly layover. Somehow the powers that be, scheduling, and even the weather, knows when I’m excited to be somewhere and it seems that that’s when I get some kind of reroute. It’s just the way things go (sometimes). Looking forward to my next trip day-after-tomorrow. Hoping for smooth flights and if I am rerouted, I hope I get a great destination.

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