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Not a bad view from my hotel room in Fort Lauderdale, Florida!

When I was leaving Colorado early this morning, a late winter storm was pushing its way through that part of the country. On the news, they told us that Brighton could experience up to 6 inches of snow. We actually were a few minutes late behind schedule, since we had to wait in such a long line to get de-iced. That was this morning this is now- one work leg and now I’m sitting in a beach-side hotel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

After a failed attempt at a nap, I decided it was time to go find a late lunch/ early dinner. I ended up across the street at Bahia Cabana, a marine-side outdoor restaurant. A coworker introduced me to this place a few months ago, and I was happy to return and order the fish tacos, just as I had the first time.


IMG_7283When I had traded into this trip yesterday, I envisioned a fun swim in the ocean. Today, however, I was faced with the reality that Fort Lauderdale is quite windy, and even a little bit chili. Yes, Florida is cold today- I thought I’d never see the day. Still, I needed to get at least a walk up the shoreline. It felt like incredible therapy, and a welcome departure from stormy Colorado.

IMG_7287I walked about a quarter of a mile, but since most of it was through beach sand, it felt more like a mile and a half. I could definitely feel the burn in my legs! I soon found one of my favorite treats: ice cream.

It was a nice, little walk, but now I’m back at my hotel, hoping to fall asleep before too much longer. I have a feeling that my 03:30 alarm is going to sting, just a little.

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