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This is the view from my hotel room window. As you can see, we’re staying quite close to the airport.

Tonight I’m in Boston, Massachusetts. I wish I had time to head into the city, but this is a shorter overnight and they have us staying near the Boston Logan Airport. If we were closer to downtown, I would definitely do some exploring to find my dinner. If you recall, the last time I was here, I used my TV Food Maps app to find some good seafood! I wanted to do that tonight, but it’s Chinese delivery instead. The food at this hotel restaurant is so expensive, even with the discount that they give the flight crews here.

Coming in at number 26 on my bucket list is to go to Disneyland for more than one day in a row. I know this isn’t a major thing. I often work flights in and out of southern California and I notice that so many of the kids are going to Disneyland. When I ask them how many days they’re going for, they usually tell me that they’ll be there for at least a week. This is crazy! I think I may get bored for going that many days in a row, but I have set this goal of a visit that lasts at least two days. Maybe this is my inner-child, but Disneyland is wonderful and magical and all of that. My sister Melanie and perhaps my buddy Arron would agree.

I remember our trips to Disneyland when I was young. My mom would wake us up early and we’d drive all day. On Google maps, I learn that the drive from southern Arizona to Anaheim, California is only 8 hours, but to my young self, excited to get to the happiest place on earth, it felt like all day. My parents would somehow find the cheapest motel in the area, where we’d stay that night. The next day was all day in the park, or until dinner time at least. I don’t remember if we ever stayed late enough for the parade or not.

The next morning we would wake up and head all the way back home. That was it, the whole trip. Maybe this is how you do it when your dad is bringing home a college professor’s salary, and he and your mom decided to have 6 kids. I have also added “Buy a Disneyland season pass” to my yet-to-be-revealed Second Bucket List. I’m told that after you go more than three or four times, the pass pays for itself. I need to do more research, however.

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